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We’re the Texas car wash committed to defending your vehicle from the forces of dirt, dust, rain, and grime. Explore our locations to find one near you. 

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The Mighty Wash Story

Lubbock-based Mighty Wash Auto Bath is now among the 5 largest conveyor car wash companies in the country with 10 locations.  Founded in 2012 by the late Dr. Mike Rice, Mighty Wash now has a total of 10 locations across West Texas and the Permian Basin.  A 2017 report from trade publication Professional Car Washing & Detailing lists five brands nationwide with 10 locations each tied as the 25th largest chains.

Since the first Lubbock Mighty Wash opened in 2012, there has been substantial growth, adding three locations in the Permian Basin by 2013 and another location in Big Spring, TX by 2014. Mighty Wash continued to grow their hometown by adding a second location in 2015 and a third in 2017. In 2019, three more locations were added in Lubbock and one in Odessa, TX. Next on the schedule to open in 2020 are locations in Andrews, TX and another in Midland, TX. 

With the opening new facilities comes a need for a larger workforce, Mighty Wash is now home to over 250 employees. Mighty Wash’s pay wages at all levels of employment are higher than the market standard in the areas Mighty Wash serves. The primary reason for that is the willingness of the company to keep employees as long as possible. Student employees attending higher education institutions are eligible for college course tuition reimbursement from the company.

Mighty Wash prides itself in being an involved corporate citizen in the communities we serve, and most importantly, being of service to our work family. For Mighty Wash it starts by applying Godly principles in the development of our growth plan and by adhering to a mission statement based on “Being the most convenient car wash and being a great place to work.”

The Mighty Wash team is trained to exhibit three company core values:

  1. Put others first
  2. Be memorable 
  3. Win as a team

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