Site Manager Quarterly Review

Rewash %, Staffing/Scheduling, Labor %, Employee Dress Code, Checklists, Employee Management/Discipline, Inventory Control, Grime Fighter Sign-up's, Monthly Staff Meeting, XPT Person.
Windows, Tunnel, Mechanical/Tool Room(s), Lot and Curbs, Vacuum Area, Signs and Poles, Office/Lobby, Restrooms, Break Room, Cameras.
Prep time, Prep procedures, Hand dry procedures, QC procedures, Interior procedures, Grime Fighter procedures, Equipment functioning properly, Chemicals functioning properly, Finished product.
Office countertops cluster-free, Interior carts, Lobby tables/counters, Deadlines being met, Safe easy to navigate, Tools put away correctly, Clustered areas, Receiptss filed, Employee documents filed.
All EHX employee files completed, No employees working without completing EHX, Payroll completed on time and correctly, How to update employee information in Site Manager.
E-mail communications, Phone communication, Customer communication, Cash counts, Payroll, Weekly Updates, Receipts/Invoices, Any relevant mail sent to corporate.
Reports filled out correctly, Keeping up with Auto Damage Folder, Reports taken care of quickly, Number of claims approvedk, Communication with customers and MW auto dmage represeentative.
Will consist of phone calls to corporate and any incidents that had to be handled by HQ for the entire quarter.
FastPass setup, FastPass Cancellation, Gift Card setup, Balancing cash drawer, Update credit card, FastPass problem solving, Switching an ARM plan, Generating correct reports, Fixing queue issues, Using Sale Viewer/Offline Mode and CWA.
HVAC filter(s), Greased equipment, Pit, Conveyer tension, Air/Water leaks, Equipment functioning properly, Air compressors drained, Air regulator oil, filled oil reservoirs, Vacuum receptacles empty and hoses working properly.
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