Core Values

By: Chloee Spore

If I asked what your core values were or the core values of the company you worked for, would you be able to answer me? Or possibly, you may not even be sure why these are important. But here at Mighty Wash we believe they are essential!

Values are a major part of who we are and highlight what we stand for in life. They are the primary driving force behind our actions and behaviors. Therefore, they are (or should be!) unique. They are central to who you or your company are and who you want to become. They represent YOU!

After much thought, our CEO landed on three core values:

— Put others first

— Be memorable

— Win as a team

These values are what drives our company culture. They were deliberately thought out and cultivated to not only represent how we conduct business today but also to be used as the foundation for which our company can continue to grow upon in the future. It allows Mighty Wash to maintain the same mission driven experience at any location.

Our core values promote a team-based culture that we are proud of. We feel that when our employees uphold these values, we create an environment that is fun, collaborative, memorable, and successful. When our employees resonate with our values, we have found that it leads to much higher levels of productivity, enjoyment, and job satisfaction. This then translates to the quality of work and overall satisfaction our customers experience.

So, tell me… what are YOUR core values that drive you and best represent your mission?


Our Community – Champions for Children

 Mighty Wash was one of several companies in Lubbock recruited to support the Covenant Children’s Hospital Champions for Children’s fund-raising event . CCH is the only licensed, freestanding Children’s Hospital in West Texas.

Our teams at our #9 and #10 locations in Lubbock sported their Champions for Children T-shirts and the locations displayed signage to promote the event.
Countless children and families have been impacted through the life-saving care received at Children’s. Mighty Wash is honored to assist in this amazing community effort.


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