Quality Wash

Quality Wash By: Lindsay Thompson Let’s talk about quality for a minute. Do you really consider the quality of wash you’ll receive at each car wash in town? Or do you just pick the one that’s closest to you? If you haven’t considered the quality of the wash you are receiving, let me explain to […]

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How Often Should You Wash?

How Often Should You Wash? By: Lindsay Thompson Have you ever really thought about how often you should be washing your car? The importance of regular washes is often overlooked although it is extremely important to prevent contaminants from damaging your vehicle. Dirt, pollen, bugs, sap, and other pollutants can adhere to your vehicle if

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Core Values

Core Values By: Chloee Spore If I asked what your core values were or the core values of the company you worked for, would you be able to answer me? Or possibly, you may not even be sure why these are important. But here at Mighty Wash we believe they are essential! Values are a

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