Mighty Wash in the Community

By: Chloee Spore

A Clean Car Saves Lives

You may be asking yourself, “How can a clean car save a life?”. That is the purpose of this post… to explain how Mighty Wash is partnering with and supporting organizations that save and better lives with the help of our car washes. Keep reading, and I promise it will all come together in the end.

“Support Small Businesses” 

is a phrase that has been circulating in the economy for the past few years. Our community has realized how important it is to support the local entrepreneurs in their endeavors. The shop local movement has helped provide for our friends and families who have taken risks in a business world run by large corporations.

Our Core Values:

Because we are a locally owned and operated business, Mighty Wash can choose to support organizations in our community that reflect our core values which are: 

  1. Put Others First

  2. Be Memorable

  3. Win as a Team

In a previous post, we discussed why it is important for companies and organizations to have core values and why Mighty Wash chose these three points. 


One way that we try to put others first is through the donation of both our time and our resources to organizations that need additional support. Mighty Wash partners with small businesses in the community to put on “wash days.”


What are wash days?

Wash days are partnerships with organizations in the community. We choose one day of the month that will be dedicated to the organization and 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the specified organization. These days are split equally between Permian Basin and Lubbock.


Organizations that we have partnered with in the past:

Like we said, community is important to us here at Mighty Wash. We are open to any organization that approaches us about a wash day or other support. Some organizations that we have supported in the past are:

  • Covenant Children’s Hospital of Lubbock

  • One Voice Home

  • Texas Boy’s Ranch

  • Buckner International

  • High Point Village

These are just a few of many organizations that we believe pour back into the Lubbock community by putting others first. 


A Clean Car Saves Lives

By washing your car on these designated wash days, you can be a part of saving the life of someone in need. Whether it be children who are sick or young women who are rescued from human trafficking, your wash makes a difference. When you wash your car at Mighty Wash, your business helps us make a greater impact on the community. Thank you for washing your car and giving back to the community by… 

“Supporting Small Businesses and Shopping Local!!”


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