Quality Wash

By: Lindsay Thompson

Let’s talk about quality for a minute. Do you really consider the quality of wash you’ll receive at each car wash in town? Or do you just pick the one that’s closest to you? If you haven’t considered the quality of the wash you are receiving, let me explain to you why it is so important that you do so.


Here are a few factors that can affect the quality of your wash:

-Products used



-Personal touch

Products Used:

The quality of the products and chemicals used in the wash will have an effect on the quality of the wash. The right products, with the right PH levels, at the right stage in the wash are incredibly important.


Not all tunnels are created equal. If you have been through multiple car washes, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not all the same. They vary in length, time, and the types of sponges and brushes that touch your car. 


Time is definitely an important factor when determining the best quality wash. Each stage in the wash should require a specific length of time and a timer should be set to provide the best results at each stage. For example, pre-soaks need to be left on long enough to be effective and products that are rinsed off too quickly will diminish the quality of wash you receive.

Personal Touch:

Personal touches to each wash will also set them apart. Some things to consider are whether or not anyone is present to scrub your car and remove excess bugs prior to entering the tunnel, is anyone at the end to hand dry your car, is there an option for interior detailing, tire shine, etc.



The Mighty Wash Quality!

At Mighty Wash, we have personally selected every detail that goes into each stage of our tunnel. From our attendants that spray for bugs and scrub your car upon entering, to each sponge that touches your car, all the chemicals selected, and to the friendly staff ready to dry your car and shine your tires… we are committed to bringing you the very best wash as well as the highest level of customer service! Come by and see us today and let us know what you think!


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